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Nice ’n Spicy

Our hot and spicy flavour is for those who love a little kick in their dishes! It’s sure to tantalize (but not torture) your tastebuds.


Yummy BBQ

Smoky, savoury and tangy, BBQ flavoured Peasy tastes great on buns, in sandwiches or as an addition to your favourite salad.

Ingredients: Pea Protein, Rye Flour, Potato Starch, Barley Flour, Glutinous Rice Flour, Yeast Extract, Assorted Flavours (Spices and Herbs)


Each pack of Peasy contains 18.9g of protein and 4.0g of fibre, in just 121.7 kCal. Peasy also contains alliums. For more information, check out our About page!

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