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Our Story

For some people, eating well means adding more fruits and vegetables. Other people would say it’s going for protein, or eating regular meals, or eating only sustainably farmed food. But there’s one thing that’s common to most of these descriptions, and it’s that for many of us, eating well isn’t easy.


As food-lovers ourselves, we’ve spent years in search of snacks and meals that aren’t just good for our tastebuds, but good for our bodies and good for the planet, too. After endless compromises, we started asking ourselves if we could create something better.


Bringing together our experience in food technology and sustainability, we came up with our solution: Peasy, a ready mix that anyone can enjoy in any meal (or even on its own). More than an answer to our search, we believe it also represents the future of how we’ll make, share and enjoy meals together.

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Interested in collaborating on a new Peasy product or finding out how to make Peasy a part of your menu? Get in touch with us by filling out the form below!

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